Round Vent Base for Flat Roof


Category: Roof Vent – Subcategory: Roof Vent Base – Type: Flat Base Material: Galvanized Steel – Finish: Mill – Thickness: 28 Gauge Shape: Round – Dimensions: 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, 14”, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″, 24″ – Sku: FB

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The RoofCo Flat Pitched Round Vent Base can be used with any round-based roof vent that does not have a flange, such as a Globe Vent. The Flat Base (or FB) is used for flat roofs with no pitch or slope. This product features a large flange for easy installation and leak protection. No field trimming is required. The top of the vent base is crimped to allow a vent to fit securely on top.

The Flat Base comes in a range of diameters – 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, and 24 inch.

The Flat Base is manufactured out of quality 28 gauge steel in the United States, and comes with a 1-year warranty against product and workmanship defects. If you have any questions about this product, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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