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Copper Roof Vent – 38 sq. in. Net Free Area


Category: Roof Vent – Subcategory: Attic Ventilation Material: Copper & Galvanized Steel – Finish: Mill – Thickness: 28 Gauge 16 Ounce Shape: Flat, Round – Dimensions: 38 sq. in. – Sku: JVO38COP

The RoofCo JVO 38 Copper Roof Vent – 38 Square Inches Net Free Area. Great for use on pitched roofs, the JVO 38 is one of the best built and most reliable on the market. It features 38 square inches of open space, insect screen, low silhouette and removable hood for access to the attic area when needed. It is open on all four sides for better air flow and unrestricted venting to help elimate moisture and heat built-up. This vent works best when used with soffit or gable end venting. Quality constructed in 16 ounce Copper.

The RoofCo JVO 38 Copper Roof Vent measures 38 square inches.

The RoofCo JVO 38 Copper Roof Vent is manufactured by RoofCo in the United States and comes with a 1-year warranty against product defects and workmanship. If you have any questions about this product and variations available, please refer to the FAQs above or feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Weight 10 kg


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